Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Children's Mental Health Week

Across the whole school, we have spent a lot of time reflecting on ways to promote good mental health this week.

We launched the week with a special assembly which introduced the theme for the week : Let's Connect. All were set a challenge to connect with different people they know this week, maybe phoning a relative, video call a cousin or play with someone they don't usually play with at school. Each child was given a check in card and a partner from a different class to connect with over the next few days. Every day they checked in with each other, had a chat and found out different information about each other. It was really rewarding to see children seek out their check in partner each day and many have made some new friends.

There were various activities organised for the children over the week including:

Yoga and mindfulness sessions

A whole school walk and play in the Meadow

Some of Key Stage 2 took part in a Tag Rugby competition

As Usual Year 1 and 2 went swimming

Lots of in class activities

Wednesdays whole school walk was a stand out event, the sun shone and the smiles were infectious for all who took part. Paired up with their check in partners, the children walked around the Paris loop and into the meadow where we met the Pre-schoolers and had time to play in the sunshine. That morning, the Year 5 who did not go to the tag rugby tournament made over chocolate rice crispy cakes for us all to share. One child, who was lying on their back in the sunshine with a chocolate smeared face said "this is heaven". No more words are needed to describe the success of this activity, the cakes were very delicious too.

On Friday we invited parents into school to see all the work the children had produced and gave them an opportunity to connect with other parents over a cup of tea and a biscuit. Thank you to those who were able to come for your support, lots of you turned up which was wonderful. We love to show off all our work and will find more opportunities in the future for those of you who had other commitments.

Positive mental heath, growth mindset and wellbeing are high on our agenda in school every week, but it has been especially worthwhile to have more time to focus and remind the children of ways to cope with nervousness, be more aware of their emotions and to take and make as many opportunities as they can to be happy.

For more links on how to help your child with any mental health issues please see the school web page dedicated to mental health. Also follow this link for access to the yoga and mindfulness videos in the Zen Den at Cosmic Kids Yoga - YouTube.