Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

22 Holly Class w/b 16th January 2023

We have continued our travels around the world this week in Holly class, this week taking Pog the penguin to find out about a place in the continent of North America, Mexico! The children have looked at where this is on the map and shared the story of Cinderella, that we know well, but this was a version that is set in Mexico. We have learnt about the flag, the traditional dress and what different parts of Mexico look like. We have decided, after all of this, it probably isn't where Pog should go next, but it has been exciting to find out about. 

In our literacy lessons this week, we have been creating a book to pack with Pog when he does eventually start his long journey home. We have been learning all about penguins and decided to make a non fiction book so that if a different class of children find his en-route to Antarctica they will also know how to look after them. The Year 1 children have been working on joining the ideas in their sentences using 'and', as well as making sure they are using capital letters not just at the beginning of sentences, but also for the names of places and people. The Reception children have been using their phonics knowledge to label pictures of penguins and things that they eat, and some have been starting to write a sentence to go with this. 

In our Maths lessons this week, the Year 1 children have been continuing to work on the place value of numbers up to 20. They have been exploring how and why we use a number line and using them to answer different sorts of questions. The Reception children have been learning about how parts can be added together to make a whole and playing lots of games making wholes from different parts, and then started to learn how the numberblocks are all made up of parts that make a whole. 

We were really lucky with the weather at forest school this week and were treated to a beautiful, sunny, cold winters day. It gave us lost of opportunities to look at how the meadow had changed since we were last there and we spotted lots of signs of winter. We also took Pog to forest school and gave him a tour, as well as using the compasses to practise giving directions. 

What a busy week, have a lovely weekend everyone!