Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow - WC 21.11.2022

The children in Willow Class have worked hard to design and make their shaduf this week. They used various materials to build a model sized replica and worked with a partner to construct their designs. We used wooden dowels and cut them to size using a band saw. They had to decide on the length of the dowels and cut it accurately to size to make the shaduf. The groups then thought of ways to ensure it was secure and could hold a counterweight. The children worked really well with a partner, and we are very impressed with what they have produced. Take a look at our photos. 

In English lessons this week, the children listened to the story of 'Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx'. We made predictions about the text using the front cover and discovered that there were many clues about the story from the illustrations. We used the text to explore various conjunctions to extend our sentences and we learnt and used new vocabulary from the text. The children thoroughly enjoyed the story and the children in Year 4 recognised the characters from a previous text we studied last year. In maths, the children have been continuing their work on multiplication and division. Please ensure you are practising these at home as it helps improve the children's rapid recall. 

As part of our Topic lessons this week, we have held a class debate about the roles of Ancient Egyptians in society. We took on the role of different jobs such as Viziers, Scribes, Craftsmen and Farmers to debate who should belong at the top of the social pyramid and why. The children researched their job role and worked collaboratively to produce an argument to get across their point of view. We applied our understanding of conjunctions from our writing lessons in these paragraphs and then presented them to the Pharaohs. We have also acted out the process of mummification. We found this process fascinating and learnt about why they went through this process and how it linked to their belief of the afterlife. The children had great fun and will apply their learning about the process in our instruction writing next week.