Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Hawthorn wb 31st January

We have been busy being mathematicians, writers, scientists, explorers and good friends this week in Hawthorn Class.

In our maths lessons we have been continuing with our work on division and have been learning how to share into equal groups and how some numbers can be shared in many different ways.

In English we have been preparing for our own stories based on the same structure as Fatou, fetch the water.  The children have come up with lots of ideas of things that they could be collecting such as balloons, fairy dust, dog food and dinosaurs!  We are looking forward to writing the stories next week.

In our Topic lessons we have been finding more out about the different continents and thinking about what the conditions are like there.  Look how cold the children are in the South Pole!

In Science we have been carrying out our own investigations on properties of materials.  This week the children looked at how stretchy different types of fabric were.  They made a prediction as to which they thought would be the stretchiest and then carried out the testing, stretching the fabric width ways, length ways and on the bias.  There was lots of great discussion and team work while they tried out their hypotheses.