Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Oak Class Week 7

Yet another busy, busy week in Oak Class. 

We have been working extremely hard over the last 7 weeks and have got lots of work, achievements and memories to look back on. This week has been no exception.

Sadly, we have come to the end of reading Kensuke's Kingdom. The children have loved following Michael's adventures with Kensuke and were inspired to produce some excellent writing. We will continue with our Michael Morpurgo focus next half term in guided reading and will start another of his books on our return to school.

We set up a rather strange science experiment last week and looked on the results earlier this week. The experiment was called 'Making a Naked Egg'. We placed two eggs in separate jars, then filled one with water and the other with vinegar and then left them to see what would happen. After some initial fizzing, the changes were slow, but after 7 days in the vinegar we noticed some very exciting developments. We removed the egg from the vinegar and saw that the vinegar had completely dissolved the shell, but the white and the yolk remained intact! You could see through the egg and watch the yolk move around. It could be squeezed and felt very much like a bouncy ball. The children were fascinated! Our next step is to investigate what we could put on the egg to protect it from the acid in the vinegar.

In art this week we have used some oil pastels to draw a pumpkin - the results were simply fabulous. Check them out in the gallery. We  have also completed our egg box faces, complete with hair!! There are a few examples in the gallery too. 

We experimented with some simple meditation on Monday in our Mindful Monday session - it was very successful and the children were super, listened carefully and fed back to me that they enjoyed it and felt very relaxed afterwards. We will have future sessions based on this experience.

Some of the children are completing a life saver badge in their swimming lessons and have got to wear their clothes in the pool and use water bottles for floats. They were very excited to start this new element to their lessons. 

To end the half term, we spent the last afternoon going for a walk and meeting up with the children from Holly class in the meadow, it was a glorious afternoon and lots of fun, giggles and laughter were shared. The Year 5 children very much enjoyed playing with their buddies and the other children enjoyed having fun in the autumn sunshine.

Have a great  break and thank you for all your support with your child's learning this term.