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Oak Class - w/c 29th November

It has been a very strange one this week with our class size changing almost daily; we got very excited welcoming back the children who had been away- it was lovely to see them again. Hopefully it won't be long before we are all back together.

The snow was a treat for the children on Monday and they had great fun making a snowman called Bob. In the afternoon Mrs Thornton put the up the wall bars for the gymnastics lesson. Lots of great balances were demonstrated and fun was had by all.

On Tuesday we had a surprise special guest to help us learn more about St Andrews Day. We were all amazed and dazzled by the skill of Mr. Forno playing his bagpipes - he was brilliant. He expertly played 'Flower Of Scotland" and "Scotland The Brave", and explained how the bagpipe worked. The children were fascinated! In assembly time we have been learning all about St Andrew and why he became a saint and how he was linked to Scotland. Ask your child all about him.

Christmas landed in Oak Class on Wednesday. The Christmas elves were very busy decorating the classroom to make it feel festive ready for the start of Advent. We had an official switch on of the lights and opened day one of our advent calendar! Some much needed fun and joy in this difficult time.

Thursday brought some science fun. We did some guided experiments to test irreversible changes, cooking an egg and some toast, and lighting a candle to decide what was melting and what was burning. We also mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and used the carbon dioxide created, to blow up a balloon. There were lots of oooohs and ahhhhs and wide eyes witnessing the magic of science at work. Next week we will be experimenting with reversible changes, freezing and melting different substances.

We were very colourful on Friday wearing our own clothes to raise awareness for 999 Cenotaph. Freddy looked very smart in his Mum's uniform. In lessons we had fun using Power Point to create our own advent calendars. We used branching to move backwards and forwards between slides, and selected lots of digital images and sound effects to make the calendar as Christmassy as possible. Lots of Computing skills were used and the children were as impressive as they always are when learning new IT skills. In the afternoon we had an Eco task to complete organised by Mrs Shiels. The focus was electricity and we learnt all about renewable and non renewable sources of energy and the importance of reducing the amount of electricity we use.

In other subject areas, we have continued our learning about Viking Gods through music and topic lessons. The children are really enjoying singing the songs and learning about the stories behind them. Our favourite so far is Loki the Joker - I'm sure you will have heard it by now!! Over the past couple of weeks the children have been working in small groups to research everyday life in Viking times and they have created some very interesting and informative posters. They are on our classroom window so have a look when you are next in the playground.

We gave a special recognition award to Ava this week as she was exceedingly brave, quick thinking and grown up when she had to call an ambulance for an emergency situation. She was commended by the crew for being extremely courageous and getting help when it was needed very quickly. We are extremely proud of her too.

There will be an announcement next week about the Year 5 play and auditions too. So get your vocal chords tuned up !!

Have a look at this advent calendar using photos of Oak Class from this year. This is an example of what we made on Friday in class! -It might not work on your mobile device :( 

Oak Class Advent Calendar