Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow - wc 31st January

Yet another eventful week has passed and Willow Class very much enjoyed going swimming on Thursday.  They all took to the pool like ducks to water and we were very impressed with their efforts!

The children thought they were in Junior Bake Off this week as they made savoury and sweet muffins using a range of ingredients. The children prepared and cooked the muffins in a small group and had a chance to taste each one. They learnt that good hygiene is very important when preparing and serving food.

In our Art lessons this week, the children looked at the work of Pablo Picasso. They created their own portraits in the style of Picasso and a great deal of effort and concentration was put into their designs.

The topic of Fractions carried on this week in Maths with the children recapping on halves and moving on to finding quarters and recognising thirds.

In Guided Reading, Marie Curie was our ‘Fantastically Great Woman who changed the World’ this week and the children were amazed to find out that she discovered two brand new elements, Polonium and Radium and were awe struck to find out that they both glowed in the dark!  We were sad to find out however, that she suffered radiation poisoning because she liked to sleep beside a gently glowing jar of radium.

The children started to be Desktop Publishers this week as our Computing topic continued.  Their task was to use their previously learnt skills to change an existing template of a party invitation to include different information, text and colours.

We took part in 'Dress up for Digits' on Thursday and celebrated Number Day 2022.  We had fun-filled day of maths activities and games, while raising money to support services such as Childline.

At the time of writing this, I am very excited to think that in a week’s time I will be in Malvern watching some very enthusiastic and energetic children in Year 3 enjoying their first residential in 2 years!

Have a great weekend everyone!