Ashton Under Hill First School

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Year 4 and 5 trip to Croft Farm





Year 4 and 5 had a fabulous day messing about on the water at Croft Farm. The weather was perfect and the sunshine shone for us.

The children had the opportunity to participate in two activities - kayaking and raft building. 

Raft building entailed lashing together large blue plastic barrels and along the way, a crash course in learning new knots. Once assembled, the children watched their rafts being towed across the lake by a speed boat. After walking around the lake, the children watched eagerly as they were re-united with their handiwork, and then it was time to set sail. With wet suits to protect them from the chill of the water, and helmets to  protect their heads, they mounted their vessels and off they sailed!! Some of the voyages were very short lived as the rafts quickly fell apart and the children found themselves swimming or clinging onto the wreckage and trying to remount the barrels. They displayed lots of determination and resilience to make it back to the other side of the lake and lots of fun was had.

The Kayaking activity was also very strenuous!! In crews of 6, the children had to paddle and steer their way up stream. It was a huge test of team work, coordination and cooperation. Knowledge of left and right was also an invaluable skill, but in moments of drama the children seemed to forget these facts and many a time were stranded in the reeds! But they quickly re grouped to get paddling again. I don't think many of the crews will be qualifying for a Regatta just yet, but it was great fun competing in races with the other kayaks, getting splashed and admiring the amazing countryside views. Arms and legs were aching for a few days after as were laughter muscles too.

It was fabulous to get out of school and see the children enjoying themselves so much  - a well needed time to bond and work together in a different context. The staff thoroughly enjoyed watching them enjoying their day out as you can see from the gallery of photos. Roll on the next trip!