Ashton Under Hill First School

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Year 5 Leavers Assembly

On Monday we held the Leavers Assembly for Year 5, and thankfully we were able to invite the parents so we had an audience!! In spite of the heat, the children rose to the occasion and really proved to us how grown up and confident they have become.

The 'Time Capsule' theme linked back to the children's experience in Reception where they bury a box full of predictions in the school grounds that is then dug up at the end of year 5. Parents took part in a couple of quizzes to identify their sons or daughters from their likes and dislikes and also their self portraits that were contained inside. They  also created a new Covid capsule that will be buried in the school grounds and will contain memories of life during this very strange year. 

The children received a dictionary from the Chair of Governors and saw lots of pictures of themselves from when they were much younger.

It was a very special afternoon, in that they could all feel extremely proud of themselves as it showcased what a wonderful group of children they are. They will definitely be missed and we wish them all the very best for their next steps.