Forest School

SAM_4713SAM_4761We believe in a curriculum that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom and Forest School exemplifies this approach. 

We have our own dedicated Forest School site and a member of staff is a trained and enthusiastic Forest School leader.

Children in Reception and Year 1 make weekly visits to our Forest School located on the side of Bredon Hill. This offers the children an invaluable opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others.

As much as the curriculum in other year groups allows, we also encourage Forest School visits for all our classes.


Forest school pizzas

Our Reception and Year 1 children have had great fun  at forest school this week making pizzas on the campfire .

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Forest school adventures

Last week our Reception and Preschool children had a lovely visit to the meadow for forest school and used their five senses to explore :- feeling the rough bark of the oak tree, smelling the wet grass, listening to the leaves rustling in the trees, looking at the acorns  and footprints in the mud and […]

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Forest school and apple crumble

27th September We have had our first visits to forest school where we have been picking apples and blackberries in the orchard. Back at school we all enjoyed apples for our snack and then it was time to use the apple peeler to  see who could make the longest piece of peel! After that  we […]

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January 2019

This week, our Reception and Year 1 classes both went out to the Orchard and found materials suitable for making natural paintbrushes.  Then, they experimented with the brushes to find which were the most effective.  

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Year 1 29th November 2018

It was very windy day, so we used strands of plastic bags to see which direction the wind was blowing in.  We discovered it was a strong southerly wind.  We then experimented with tarpaulins and tried to catch the wind, making them in to sails.  Afterwards, we warmed up and made bird feeders to hang […]

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Reception 28th November 2018

Today was windy, so we made the most of it and tried to catch the wind in tarpaulins. Afterwards, we made bird feeders and hung them on the trees in the quiet area to feed the birds over winter.

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Forest School News June 2015

Forest School June

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Forest School April 21st

forest school April 21st

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Forest School April 2015

Forest School 14th15th April 2015

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