Thanks to the Cotton family, our school is now a Terracycle drop off point for clean, empty crisp packets to be recycled.

Crisp Packets Can Now be Recycled for the First Time

  • The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme is a TerraCycle recycling programme sponsored by Walkers.
  • Now for the 1st time crisp packets can be recycled in the UK.
  • Up until now there has been no way to recycle them so they have ended up in landfill or incineration.

The Schools Involvement in the Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme

  • The school is one of TerraCycle’s 1st public access collection points for crisp packets in the UK
  • All brands of individual packs and the outer multipacks are accepted 
  • Simply drop them back to the school between 8:45 am and 3 pm in term time (or in the blue wheely bin at Little Grange in Beckford at other times)
  • The school earns charity points by recycling crisp packets
  • For shipments of over 2kg of crisp packets we receive TerraCycle points
      • 200 TerraCycle points per kg – each point worth £0.01
      • So 2kg of crisp packets earns the school 400 points (£4)
      • We donate the funds to FX’s Fund which provides support for children in intensive care and their families (currently saving for cuddle cots)
      • We also act as a drop off location for TerraCycle’s writing instruments, biscuit and snacks, oral care, personal care, air care, baby food pouches and pet food programmes and to date have raised over £1,350 via our recycling efforts ​saving over 63 000 items from landfill (since 2012).

Why are crisp packets hard to recycle / what are they made of / what will the recycled material be used for

  • Pretty much anything can be recycled
  • Whether a material is recycled however is largely down to economics
  • National infrastructure in the UK is in place for materials that have value
    • Local council recycling systems like we have in Worcestershire accept paper, cardboard, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and some rigid plastics like food as they have value
  • More complex multi material products particularly flexible plastics are harder / costlier to recycle
    • This is why these materials aren’t recycled
    • Crisp packets for example are made from a multi-layer, polypropylene-based film often with a metallised barrier layer
    • TerraCycle partners with brands – like Walkers for crisp packets – to make the economics work so that they can now be recycled in the UK
    • The collected crisp packets will be shredded, washed, dryed and then turned into flakes or pellets
    • These recycled flakes or pellets are then used by manufacturers (lessening the need to create new virgin plastics) for injection or compression molding into a variety new products like park benches, fence posts etc

For the complete list that can be recycled and for more information please visit Terracycle UK

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