Ashton Under Hill First School

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The Great Undersea Search

Sadly, we were unable to get a copy of Commotion in the Ocean.  We therefore changed our focus to a non fiction book entitled The Great Undersea Search.  This has been a real success, and the children have learnt lots of facts about sea creatures.  The book is filled with beautiful pictures and facts and has been a source of good questioning, ideas and vocabulary.  We have paid particular attention to hammerhead sharks, starfish, angler fish, clown fish and octopuses.

As part of our PSED, we have been looking at certain pages of the book, identifying creatures that we like and explaining why.  We have found out that we are all interested in slightly different things.  We have practised using our robot voice to identify different animals.  The angler fish made us think about light, and we enjoyed playing with the fibre optics, watching the strands of light change colour.

We have spent time outside playing on the bikes and trikes, and running laps of the track.  Each time we ran around we 'earned' a counter and this was dropped into a cup.  Afterwards, we  counted how many counters we had collected.  On Thursday, we took part in the school sponsored skip.  The children performed very well and were involved in all the activities, helping to contribute to the excellent fundraising cause.  Well done Acorns!

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