Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Oak Week Beginning 29th January 2024

This half term is racing by, only one more week until half term!

We have been busily writing our mystery and suspense stories this week, the children completed their plans, drew pictures of the main characters and small groups they shared retold their stories. We even hot seated some children, quizzing them about the plot, characters and interesting details in their stories. All of this was in preparation to write with plenty of  ideas fresh in their minds. The results have been brilliant. I am so impressed with the results ; all the children have put in maximum effort and achieved some new steps along their progression pathway in writing. On Wednesday afternoon the children practiced their division skills by playing a very engaging game of Monster Top Trumps, they had so much fun trying to win they forgot they were practicing their number skills; brilliant!

In Computing this week we have been learning more about the difference between algorythms and what these same instructions look like in code.  The children have been designing programs to create repeated shape patterns and change the colours of the lines that draw them. They have faced many challenges during this task, but used their resilience to keep persevering. Check out the gallery for some images of what was created.

In Science Mrs Clements has been teaching all about the digestive system in humans and all about the first stage of this process ; our teeth. The children now know the names for all the different types of teeth we have and their structure. The also know the importance of keeping them in tip top condition. They know how food is broken down in the mouth, how travels through the body and what happens to it before it comes the other end!!

In RE we have been contemplating the different viewpoints surrounding how the world and humans were created; Christianity versus Science. The children have already familiarised themselves with the story from Genesis in the Bible and this week we learnt all about Cosmologists ideas; The Big Bang and Dark Matter. It was a bit mind blowing but we did our best to get our heads around the enormity of the universe and all it is made from. Our response to this learning was to create a visual representation the effects of the Big Bang over time, and how this has produced what we see of our planet today. The had lots of fun with this task and the results, as I am sure you will agree, are out of this world!! Check out the gallery to see what we produced.

The children did a fabulous job in their Sponsored Skip this week too. We are on target to raise lots of funds for the CASK charity. Thank you very much for supporting this fundraising cause.

Next week is Children's Mental Health week in school. This years theme is 'My Voice Matters' and we will be doing extra PSHE on this theme over the week. Ask your child about it when they come home next week to find out what they have been doing.