Ashton Under Hill First School

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Envirominnies 2022 Fast Fashion

The school's Eco focus for this term has been Fast Fashion.  The whole school (excluding Acorn) came together to learn about the problems caused by the mass production of clothes.  We learnt about the journey of a pair of jeans, from a cotton field in Texas to shops in the UK, and the huge carbon footprint associated with the product.

Afterwards, we thought about ways that we could tackle the issue i.e. reducing the demand for clothing by keeping existing clothes for longer, buying second hand clothes or upcycling them etc.  We then split into small mixed aged groups of children to make a bag out of an old school shirt.  The results were truly imaginative and we all enjoyed seeing the different bags at the end of the day.

The Christmas jumper swap was a great success, with everyone going home with a jumper for themselves or a family member.  Parents also donated bags of clothing to be recycled, raising a fantastic £76 which will be used for a future Eco project. Thank you to all those involved.