Ashton Under Hill First School

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Holly Class - Stuck!

What an exciting week we have had!

On Monday we discovered something strange stuck up a tree in the playground. Of course, we went  to investigate but we needed to work out a way to get it down. Some children chose to throw sticks, small hoops and even a sieve at it, but that didn't work. Others brought out some blocks that could be used as steps to see if that made them tall enough to reach, sadly it didn't. Some tried to poke out the object with bits of tube and piping, but they were not quite long enough. Eventually, a longer piece of guttering reached high enough and poked the object of out the tree! We found that it was a book with a red kite stuck to the back of it. We all enjoyed making predictions about the book, that happens to be called 'Stuck', and we came up with some amazing ideas about why there was a kite attached to it and how it might have ended up in our tree. 

On Tuesday morning we arrived into school full of anticipation for our trip to the cinema. We had a fabulous time riding on the bus into Cheltenham and spotting lots of interesting things out of the window. When we arrived at the cinema we settled ourselves into some big, red, comfy chairs and enjoyed the film with our snack. It was a great film and made us all us giggle! All of the children behaved beautifully and were a delight to take on a trip out of school. When we got back to school we even set up our own outdoor cinema here and recreated the experience. The children set up numbered rows of seats, made snacks and wrote a menu in the mud kitchen and recreated the story with pictures and by acting parts out. 

Wednesday was 'no pens' day in school, we tried not to use any pens or pencils all day, which was trickier than we thought!  Instead we worked on developing our speech, language and communication skills though all of our lessons and play. We took the opportunity to do lots of rehearsals for our nativity and made up actions to all of the lovely songs we are learning. 

On Thursday and Friday we have enjoyed reading the book we found, Stuck, and retelling the story together. The children have created some wonderful story maps to tell the story, Year 1 have added labels and sentences to theirs and the Reception children wrote the initial sounds that they could hear for the pictures they drew. Year 1 have been becoming more confident with their number bonds to 10 and learning to represent these in different ways, both practically and written down. Reception have played lots of maths games adding 1, 2 and 3 this week and noticing ways of making these numbers through their play. 

Thank you for a lovely and busy week Holly class! After all of this, I think you definitely deserve and lovely, restful weekend! Mrs Holdsworth