Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Holly Class - a super start!

The children have made such a brilliant start to life in Holly Class! We have already had such a lot of adventures and done some super learning. We have spent time getting to know each other, making friends and exploring our new classroom environment. 



This week, Year 1 have been impressing me with their phonics skills and the Reception children have been learning moves for dough disco which builds finger strength to help with pencil grip (whilst also being a lot of fun!). We have been doing lots of sorting in maths, learning that things can be sorted in many different ways. 

On Wednesday we had a very exciting time with our first rugby session, look at some of our photos below to see some super throwing, catching and team work. 

We have been reading Errol's garden. Errol lives in a flat but loves gardening and so decides, with the help of his friends, to create a garden on the roof. We discovered that our home corner role play didn't have a garden either so took Errol's advice used our junk modelling materials to create our very own garden for it and some beautiful window boxes. We also learnt the names of many of the plants, fruit and vegetables in Errol's garden and were delighted to find that we had many of the same in our own school grounds. We went exploring and found lavender, a willow tree, raspberries, runner beans and some very funny shaped carrots! After our outside adventure, we all had a go at drawing a map (like Errol's garden plan) to show everyone else in school where to find everything. Year 1 worked hard to use some geographical terminology to explain where everything was and the Reception children used lots of descriptive words to explain what they had found.