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Maths Week in Willow

Maths Week has taken place across the whole of England this week and obviously Ashton Under Hill First School has not wanted to miss out!

Maths Week ensures that no children miss out on the opportunities that being a confident mathematician can give them. Maths isn’t just about memory, it can be about having fun with your brain looking for patterns, spotting connections, making predictions and solving problems.

So in Willow Class, that’s just what we did.

The children have participated in various Maths investigations such as:

  • “Where is the Maths in that?” – This is where a photograph was displayed and the class discussed any maths ideas they could see in the photo. It is all about being creative and realising that maths is all around us and that maths is not always about being right or wrong.
  • “Emoji Maths Problems” – which the children loved solving using cute little emoji faces.
  • “Dice Investigation” – where the children used dice to work out various totals that could be made which corresponded with the number of dice being used. They finished this off with a ‘4 in a row’ dice game and the first to score 4 in a row won!
  • “Coloured Square Investigation” – This was where the children had nine coloured squares and they had to arrange the squares into one large square so that no small square of the same colour were next to one another. This was both challenging and frustrating to say the least!

 A great week was had by all and we are sure the children will sleep well this weekend after all the various challenges and investigations!