Ashton Under Hill First School

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Oak Class Week 3

We've had a very exciting week in Oak Class this week.

Our learning has covered experimenting in science by separating the ingredients in our Alien Soup mixture using our knowledge of materials and their properties. The children had to workout the order, equipment and methods to use to separate a mixture of sand, rice, paper clips, salt and water. They had lots of fun doing hands on science and were very successful in the way they worked. We are now waiting for the water to evaporate to see if the salt was dissolved in it.

We have been researching, planning and writing circular stories in English, adapting a picture book story about a mouse and a cookie. We will be sharing our stories next week with Holly Class when they are completed.

We went swimming this week which was great fun. I was very proud of Oak Class on Thursday as lots of the class had not been swimming since the last time they went with school, and could have been quite overwhelming. But they showed a huge amount of enthusiasm and enjoyment, listened very well to the swimming coaches and showed excellent resilience at times. A proud moment for all the Oak staff.

We have squeezed in 2 Marathon Kids sessions this week as the weather has been very kind to us. The class have been working really hard to beat their collective amount of laps in each session. We will hope to get out every week to help keep our bodies and minds healthy.

In Art we are studying the works of Pablo Picasso and his portraits in particular. We have looked at some of his work and this has inspired us to create some images using printed faces. The results are very impressive, check them out in the gallery.