Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

The Little Red Hen

Our thoughts have turned to Harvest this week.  We have been practising 'I'm An Old Oak Tree' song for the Harvest Festival (and you will be able to see some of our children performing it here).

The week started with a trip to an orchard to pick apples.  Thank you, Mrs Archer, for escorting us and letting us roam in your garden and visit the ducks that we hatched in Acorn class in the Spring. We have made apple juice, apple pie and apple sauce, which we all tasted with various degrees of approval!  We also found some sycamore 'helicopters' which we collected and made hedgehogs with.

We are becoming familiar with our morning routine, with children keen to count the number of pictures on the self-registration board, water bottles and lunch boxes, recite the days of the week song and identify what type of weather we have. We set up a farm in a small world area and played a game where we had to identify the animal by sound.  

I would also like to thank a generous parent who gave us a number of wooden blocks.  The children enjoyed moving them and storing them in our mud kitchen.