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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is a form of funding available to all schools. Its purpose is to remove obstacles created by financial disadvantage and ensure that all pupils, regardless of background or economic circumstances, have the opportunity to achieve their optimal educational outcomes. This is additional money that makes a real difference to the school as a whole. It cannot be backdated and is not activated unless a claim for free school meals is made. Therefore we feel it is important that Parents are aware of the scheme and we encourage all those who are eligible to apply.

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How much does the school get?

The amount of funding received will vary from school to school and is determined solely by the number of Free School Meals claims made by families over the last six years and the update of a meal on census day.

How is the money used?

The school has full discretion on how this money is used. Here at Ashton First School we start with our commitment to quality teaching and nurture of the whole child. Through our Charges and Remission policy we support all pupil premium children with a range of benefits to enable equal access to our broad curriculum. The money is also used to ensure that an individual's economic circumstances do not become a barrier to participation in opportunities and events provided by the school.

Is it only eligible pupils who have access to this funding within school?

No, the fundamental aim of the pupil premium scheme is to raise the attainment of ALL disadvantaged pupils. At Ashton First School we have an all-inclusive approach to attainment as shown in this diagram and we recognise that our pupils' circumstances can change quite rapidly. To reflect this, our Pupil Premium is used at every level in order to support not only those eligible, but any child who may fall outside of the scheme but has a known need, hardship, or is deemed vulnerable or disadvantaged by their current circumstances.

In order to help us ensure that the funding can be accessed by all those who need it, no matter how temporary, we welcome any family to speak to us in confidence regarding worries that may affect their child's access to education.

How do Parents know if they are eligible? and how to  submit a claim?

If you are in receipt of income support or another benefit you may qualify for free school meals. You can find out more about this by accessing the link here where you will also find details on how to make a claim.

If you are still unsure or feel you may need assistance with this, please contact school. We can support you with checking your eligibility and submitting your claim, in the strictest confidence.

Even if your family circumstances are temporary, you are encouraged to approach the school as there may be longer lasting benefits that will make a difference to your child's overall experience and progress throughout their journey with us.

Please note that if your child is in receipt of Universal Infant Free School Meals you will still need to submit a claim and notify the school so that pupil premium funding can be activated and begin to make a difference.

What difference has this funding made so far?

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