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Topic Letters- Autumn ’18

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Reception Topic Letter

Year 1 Topic Letter

Acorns Topic Letter

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Easter egg hunt

After a lovely Easter service with Revd David Lewis at St Barbara’s Church, we returned to school and  enjoyed a really fun Easter egg hunt in the playground. It was lovely to see all the children working together to hunt for the eggs before taking on the challenge of eating them – without licking your lips!

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Spring lambs, woolly sheep and woven blankets

On a beautiful spring day last week, we enjoyed a lovely walk across the hill to Shaw Green Farm to see the newborn lambs. The children were full of questions and Jamie and Liz Smith ensured that we had a really fascinating morning. We learned about the arrival and care of the baby lambs and also found out many facts about the wildlife living on the hill .

On our return journey we collected lots of sheep’s wool in the meadow and back at school we did some research to find out how we could turn this into yarn.  We washed the wool gently, carded it with hairbrushes  and then had a go at using a drop spindle to spin it into yarn. Finally we wove yarn into  our own mini woolly blankets .

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Indoor P.E. – Acorn class gymnastics

In our indoor PE lessons this term we have been doing gymnastics. We have been finding different ways of travelling and balancing on different parts of our bodies. This week we did some great balance sequences on the big apparatus.



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Red Nose Day

We had lots of fun on Red Nose Day and particularly enjoyed doing the Treasure Hunt at playtime with our buddies.

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World Maths Day

We enjoyed  playing  games and doing lots of counting , addition, subtraction, sharing and number matching on World Maths Day.  

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Acorn Class try zumba

Acorn Class had great fun learning to Zumba this week.


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‘How to make pancakes’ by Acorn Year 1 children

How to make pancakes

Here is the video written, filmed and featuring our lovely Acorn Year 1 chefs.

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Book Week in Acorn Class

This week, with World Book Day on Thursday,  we have been enjoying all sorts of different books. On Monday we looked at a non fiction book called ‘Playtime activities’ and we followed instructions to draw a giraffe.

On Tuesday we looked at a recipe book and watched Mrs Shiels following the recipe to make pancakes. We sampled these pancakes and then we sequenced our own instructions for making pancakes. After this we enjoyed some pancake races with children from playgroup, and of course, we ate some pancakes together!

On Wednesday we read the book ‘ We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ and we really did go on a Bear Hunt at forest school , following clues which took us from school, through the orchard to the bear’s Pampas grass den.

On Thursday we each brought a favourite non fiction text into school . We shared facts that we found in our books and each made an ‘Ask me about ….’ badge to wear around school . Lots of us were asked questions about our books!

Today we met up again with our friends from Ashton Playgroup at our Parent and Toddler World Book Day event.  We listened to stories together and shared lots of different activities . We all helped the younger children to enjoy the different activities on offer , each linked to a favourite story book  – ‘Aliens Love Underpants’, ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’.

Today we have been sharing books with our older reading buddies in our House groups and some of us have also been along to the Reading Café to share books at lunch time this week.

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Adventure to Planet Bobble

Adventure to Planet Bobble

This is a preview of the short  film we are making about our very exciting adventure to Planet Bobble before half term. Lots of people thought that Reception and Year 1 were just having a sleepover at school but actually we took part in a real adventure …

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The Night Box

  In Acorn Class , as part of our work on ‘Day and Night’,  we have been reading some lovely picture books including ‘The Owl who was afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Murphy and ‘The Night Box’ by Louise Greig .
Following this, the children have produced some superb writing about nightfall. Here are a few examples from Year 1:

Day is yawning. The daisies close. Light melts behind the rooftops and the fox uncurls. Two eyes and two ears and two wings are waiting. I snuggle up with Mum and I drink hot chocolate. Then I open the night box and the night can swallow an ocean. The night slips into my bedroom strong and holding my teddy. Night is kind because it holds me in bed.

By Grace


Day is yawning. Yellow is sinking behind the house. I have hot milk at bedtime and I watch a programme and I snuggle on the sofa. I open the night box and then dark swirls into the room. Night is big enough to hold an ocean. Night is kind. It covers me like an umbrella. Night is necessary because it lets you dream.

By Theo


The birds fold their wings . Yellow floats down the houses. Before I go to bed I have my inhaler and we read a story. Dark lands like a soft white feather. A fox uncurls. I open the night box. Dark is mischievous. It chases pink and blue away. Dark stretches up to the stars and it makes them fizz and sparkle and shine.

By Charlotte


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