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We pride ourselves on offering a supportive and inclusive learning environment and sense of community.  We strongly believe each child brings with them their own unique individual qualities and abilities and through care and attention everyone is able to participate and develop within our school and the wider community.
Our core values & ethos and our policies & practices support daily our endeavours to advance equality opportunities and inclusivity.

Please refer to the following for further information.

Equality Statement 

Ashton under Hill First School will meet its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 (The Act).  

The Act provides a single legal framework covering three broad duties to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations. 

The Act has been established to protect those who face inequality due to their race, sex, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

Governors, together with the Local Authority are the responsible bodies for the school and to meet our legal duties the school leadership, community and workforce will be guided by the following principles:

  • Recognise and self respect own personal background, culture, characteristics and needs and that you are of equal value to others

  • Recognise and respect diversity and individual needs of others and that each person has equal value

  • Exhibit individual and collective ownership for promoting positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of belonging and inclusivity

  • Aim to identify, reduce and remove existing or potential unconscious bias, inequalities and barriers to equality, diversity and inclusivity.

  • Consult and involve widely in the development of our overall ethos, values, policies and activities

  • Strive to ensure that society will benefit by the work we do in the local and wider community, promoting social cohesion and adopting the use of our school principles in public life.

  • Observe good equalities workplace practice for staff recruitment, retention and development

  • Set objectives and agree an improvement plan

  • Scrutinise, monitor and report regularly.

The above principles apply across all our policies and practices and specifically regarding:

  • Admissions and recruitment

  • Education and employment provision

  • Access to benefits, facilities or services

  • Behaviour sanctions, disciplinary, dismissal or exclusion

  • Curriculum

Our Equality Policy details our approach in full and will be reviewed at least every 4 years and as per our internal policy review schedule.  This can be accessed via our website, together with our latest Equality Objectives and Annual Report.

Please direct any feedback or concerns via the School Office Manager [email protected].  In the case of complaint or the need to report a non-compliance, please raise at the earliest opportunity and in the first instance direct with the school, either verbally or in writing. Please refer to the school’s Complaints Procedure for more information.

Equality Policy

Equality Objectives 2020-2023/24

In line with the school Equality Policy and to advance our duty to :

  • Eliminate discrimination
  • Advance equality of opportunity
  • Foster good relations

the following key objectives have been identified :

  1. At pupil level, to identify gaps in core curriculum knowledge as a result of the pandemic.  Pupil progress data to be monitored and analysed by staff via the development & regular use of the school’s pupil tracking system. 

  1. By year group, to deliver an appropriate and targeted recovery curriculum.   To target pupil attainment to be at least the same as that deemed on entry or at KS1 level and redress any decline in successful learner skills.  Year group data to be collated from pupil progress tracking and reported annually to governors. 

  1. For bought-in curriculum schemes, subject co-ordinators to work with providers to understand how equality, diversity and inclusion is assured.  This to be evidenced in book trawls and visible through class & corridor display boards. 

  1. The annual school calendar to continue to include anti-bullying and e-safety weeks to raise awareness across the whole school.  Staff to plan relevant, appropriate age-related and varied activities.  Parental feedback to be used to evaluate the value added. 

  1. The school to maintain or establish new links with partner schools locally, in the UK or abroad for pupils to share experience, make connections and to provide context to teaching and learning. Pupil voice to be sought to corroborate the impact. 

We will pursue these objectives over the next three years and review and report on them annually.

Please refer to our Equality Policy for further information on how the school complies with the Equality Act.  Our Equality Annual Report is also available.

Equality Annual Report

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