Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together


This wonderful story is set in a supermarket and features a superhero potato who has to rescue other vegetables that have been caught by an evil pea. This has inspired a change in the role play area into a shop, where the children have had fun shopping and selling different food items.  We have talked about and looked at different fruit and vegetables, in particular a rather large pumpkin that was brought in by a child.  We have also been experimenting with potato prints (which soon turned into colour mixing and hand printing)!

Our main focus however, has been on sharing and taking turns.  We have become excellent 'Pop up Pirate' players, with the pirate jumping out at random times.  We have had to sit patiently, until it is time to put a sword in to  the barrel and see what happens.  We have then been practising these lessons in our general play, when we negotiate how two or more of us can play with the same thing at the same time.

Each day, we have practised our counting and singing.  We are learning a lovely new song about an Old Oak Tree in preparation for Harvest Festival, and a song that we sing when manipulating playdough. We have even found time to go on a sound walk and listen out for the different sounds of the school and its surrounding area.