Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Holly Class w/b 19th September

We have been enjoying the story 'We're all Wonders' this week in Holly Class. At first, we were unsure what the word 'wonder' meant, but we soon learnt that when it was used to describe the main character, Auggie, it meant he was special and unique. It was a lovely story to read as it tells us that we are all wonders too so we have been celebrating differences and thinking about our personal super powers. We have all drawn self portraits and written or shared something that makes us special, you will be pleased to hear that we have got lots of kind friends, children who are good at sharing, children with super speed and even some who have a super power that makes them smell nice!! 

In the story, Auggie wears a special helmet and shoots off into space, so around the classroom this week there has been lots of superhero mask making and rocket ship designing and building. Have a look at the photos for some great examples! 

In phonics, Year 1 have been learning tricky words Mr and Mrs, they have also started looking at the sound (phoneme) "ai". The children learnt two different graphemes, "ay", like in hay, and "a_e" like in cake. The Reception children have been working on reading "t" and "p" this week, they have learnt an action to help remember them and started spotting them in words. If you see any of these sounds around the house see if the children can point them out! 

In maths lessons, Year 1 have been working on counting forwards and back accurately, as well as finding 1 more and 1 less. They have shown they can do this in many ways; on giant number lines, with counters and also using the rekenrek (the red and white beads you will see in the photos) for the first time. The Reception children have been exploring different shapes and their properties. They have used shapes to create loose part pictures, describing them as they go, or as part of space rocket design drawings!

It has been wonderful to explore and play in the meadow at forest school the last two Friday afternoons. It is particularly lovely to see friendships developing in a different environment and watch the children play and work together. Running down the hill at the end is one of our favourite bits!! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.