Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 Hawthorn wb 06 February

This week, we've enjoyed participating in the whole school initiative 'Children's Mental Health Week' under the umbrella theme of 'Let's Connect'. We began by decorating 'hands' to show how they can be linked together and help us to connect with each other. We then worked on some 'All About Me' jigsaw pieces which we are going to join together to create a display in the classroom. On Wednesday, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole school walk on a gloriously sunny, wintry afternoon.  On Thursday we continued practising  our flash mob dance which we performed for the parents when they popped into the classroom in the afternoon and the children completed their jigsaw pieces and also developed a stained glass window picture with connected messages on.  We have also continued to use our emotions monitor to think about how we feel at different points in the day.
On Friday we shared a book called "Ruby's Worry" about a girl who had a worry that grew and grew and how she learned to deal with it.  
We've also continued our learning across the rest of the curriculum. In maths, the Year 1s have been learning how to find the difference between numbers up to 20 as well as spotting related facts. Division has been the focus for Year 2s, using the strategies of grouping and sharing. They've also started their work on times tables and related division facts, beginning with the 2s!
In topic, we turned our attention to art. The children are working on a mixed media piece representing the Antarctic, based on a famous painting called 'The Icebergs' by Frederick Church. We hope to share our gallery when they've finished their masterpieces next week.
Finally, in computing, the children explored how to compose a good photograph, taking into account lighting and other factors. Next week they'll learn how to add effects to their photographs.