Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

22 - Hawthorn wb 5th December

We'd like to start by saying how proud we are of all the children for their fantastic performances in our Nativity, but more of that later as we've been doing lots of other things too ...
The children have all written letters to Santa in their best handwriting on special, Christmas-themed paper. They took a great deal of care over them and remembered to say please and thank you. We'll put them all into an envelope and send them post haste to Santa c/o the North Pole and we're sure he'll be very impressed when he reads them.
We've been exploring 2D shapes in our maths lessons this week. The Year 1s went out and about in the playground and made shapes using twigs and other natural resources. They also thoroughly enjoyed a shape hunt around the school when they recorded their findings using tallies. Year 2s have identified the number of sides and vertices, then found out whether they have a vertical line of symmetry. They are all now very proficient at naming and sorting a range of common 2D shapes. 
In Science we have been finding out about how animals and plants depend on each other for survival and have been thinking about the links between oak trees, squirrels and foxes.  The children came up with brilliant ideas of how they need one another.
What an impressive class of pupils we have! They all did so well in the Nativity, from learning their lines, to singing the songs so joyfully and showing off their moves!  Have a look at the Nativity blog to see some photos of the fantastic performance. We thought we'd also share some photos of them in their costumes and we're sure you'll agree that they all look gorgeous and very much the part!
Finally,  we had some special readers reading to the class this week.  Some of the children brought in stories that they had written at home and they then shared this with their friends.  What a super bunch of budding authors we have!
Have a lovely, if somewhat chilly, weekend ...