Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Oak Week Beginning 17th October 2022

Wow that last half term was over in a flash! The children in Oak have been working really hard and the team have been so impressed by how well they have supported their buddies and how they have shown lots of curiosity and resilience in lessons too. 

Following on from our experience in Tutankhamun's tomb last week, in our topic lesson, we have been imagining that we were part of Howard Carters explorers in 1922 and later in 192 when the actual burial chamber was discovered. The children have been reading extracts of the diaries that Howard Carter wrote at the time of the discoveries and have created a diary of their own, describing the objects and the atmosphere on finding all the magnificent treasures. They worked really hard to capture the importance of this event in history and empathised with the people from the past about how the event changed how we know about what life was like in Ancient Egypt. They thought about it from both sides; how the Egyptian people and the archaeologists viewed these discoveries, as they had very different views. They had to think back to the debate they had earlier in the term to link up their learning.

On Tuesday the children had a very exciting afternoon when they joined in with a scootability workshop. There is a separate page in the news this week to find out more information about this event (written by two children from Oak Class!)

In RE on Friday we learnt about the origins of the board game snakes and ladders, and how it was devised to help Hindu children learn about karma. We used this as the stimulus to think about how we could achieve the goals we have in our lives and how obstacles and successes could help and hinder our journey to achieve the goal. It was a fascinating discussion and really made the children think and reflect on how we achieve our goals in life and the importance to build up the all-important superpower of resilience - one of the keys to our future successes.

Good luck with the homework task over half term - we can't wait to assemble our Egyptian Museum!!

Have a lovely break.