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Scooter Fun

Scootability workshop

This week, everyone in Oak, Willow, Hawthorn and the year 1's from Holly took part in a scootability session with a lovely man called Issy. Everybody thought he was awesome. He taught us cool tricks such as: bunny hops, ballerina, flamingo and ninja. Also, if you wanted to try, you could have a go at doing a tail whip. Mrs. Thornton from Oak Class had a go, she was amazing!

“I loved scooting, I hope Issy comes back again!”  -  Grace 

 “I loved scootability, I would definitely do it again!” - Millie

 “It was fascinating to see all the children learn so many skills in such a short amount of time.” - Miss Miller, Hawthorn class teacher 

Written by Theo and Monty in Oak Class