Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

The Way Back Home

We have continued with our space theme this week, and have been thinking about travel.  The children helped make our role play area into a rocket, and then made their own individual one to take home.  It is amazing how children that are given a range of 'junk' materials can be so creative and imaginative.  The end result has been 12 completely different rockets.

The children really enjoyed watching the launch of the water rocket, shouting 'Again! Again!' after each blast off!  We have also continued work on our shape recognition, playing a number of different games to strengthen our knowledge.  To introduce our children to the idea of rhyming, we have been playing 'In my bag I have something that sounds like.......'

One of the unexpected pleasures of the week was snow! Although it didn't settle, we had great fun trying to catch it and taste it as it fell.