Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together


Our travels this week have taken us to England.  Each day, we have had a different Paddington story. We made some delicious jam sandwiches (like Paddington) and quickly gobbled them up.  We also had opportunity to play with a Mexican Pinata and enjoyed a sweet that came out of it.

However, the freezing weather has meant that we have moved off plan to look at the world around us, noticing how different the school playground feels and looks. We have been fascinated by the ice we found and talked about the freezing and melting of water. We made predictions as to whether ice would 'float or sink'. This led us to experiment with other materials and making further guesses about what would happen. 

We made some ice windows  and checked each morning to see whether the water had frozen.  Luckily it did and we hung them outside to watch them change throughout the day.  We also made a musical instrument out of milk bottles and a road system (inspired by Honey-Mai) to play with.  We have been thinking about repeating patterns and many of us are getting really good at continuing a 2 colour pattern.