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Bell Boating

On Wednesday 10th of May the Year 4 and 5’s went Bell Boating in Fladbury. When we got there, our first job was to put on our life jackets and soon after we got on the boats and set off. Unfortunately, a few of the teams got stuck in the trees but luckily the other teams came to help! We then had a few races and after that we had snack and some brave people did a catwalk down the middle of the boat.

After snack we headed off and that’s when we saw some swans, they were beautiful. Later on, we went back to the cricket pitch to have lunch.

In the afternoon, we went to the lock just as it started to rain. As we were waiting to go into the lock there was a long queue of boats lining up, but they kindly said that we could go first, so we all shouted thank you. The lock was amazing and so satisfying. After the lock we had a race back to the dock and gathered all of our things. but we had to race to get on the bus on time! We all shouted bye to Karen, our instructor for the day, and thanked her. We really enjoyed it and can't wait for the regatta! 

By Charlotte and Henry