Ashton Under Hill First School

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23 Hawthorn wb 13th March

We've enjoyed another great week of learning in Hawthorn class.
We continued our work on 'The Disgusting Sandwich' in English. On Monday, the children practised writing expanded noun phrases, on Tuesday, we turned our attention to past tense verbs, on Wednesday, we looked at exciting language that the author has used in the story and on Thursday, we started to think about new settings and characters for our own stories. 
We are coming to the end of our Length and Height unit in maths and are looking forward to starting Mass and Volume/Capacity next week. If you get a chance, please encourage your child to practice their measuring skills at home.
In topic, we turned our attention to local geography. The children learnt that we live in the county of Worcestershire and had a go at finding both it and Ashton under Hill on a map of England. They also explored the differences between a village, town and city - looking specifically at Ashton, Evesham and Worcester. 
In computing, we continued our work on Data and Information. We used a resource
JIT, A complete set of online tools for reception and KS1. A colourful and pupil friendly interface that encourages creativity in lessons.
 to enter data into an online pictogram. The children will be exploring pictograms in more detail next week.
Finally, in Science we have been looking at changes in materials and the children investigated which materials could be bent, stretched, twisted or squashed.  We had lots of different materials to try and the children really enjoyed being  investigative scientists!

23 Hawthorn wb 13 March