Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 Hawthorn wb 24th April

We've had another busy and purposeful week in Hawthorn class.
The children are really enjoying our new text, Tell Me a Dragon, as you'll see from the photos of them acting out the poem. On Monday, we were delighted to find a dragon's egg in the classroom and set about writing instructions on how to look after it. Later in the week the children wrote sentences following the same pattern as the poem.  We had some super ideas such as, "Sleeping on my head, my dragon comforts me like a teddy bear." and  "My dragon is a bed dragon.  When she sleeps, she keeps her sapphire eye open just in case monsters go in my room."
The Year 1s have continued their work on early multiplication and division in maths, while the Year 2s started work on fractions.
In topic, the children created a timeline of castles through the ages and found out a lot more about the stages of development. Their main focus was early Motte and Bailey castles.
On Tuesday, we were in for a treat as each class had a special cricket coaching session, everyone had a super time.
In Science we have been learning about life cycles.  The children ordered the life cycles of different animals and learned that some go through metamorphosis to become quite different to how they are as a baby.
Next week we will spend some time learning about the coronation.  One of our children will be the monarch for the week and lead the children into assemblies and be a monarch for our Coronation party.  We will let you know next week who was King or Queen! 
Quick reminder: For the Coronation Party on Friday the children can come in dressed in red, white and blue and can wear a crown (made at home) at the party.
Finally, we're also sharing a few photos from the children's Forest School session last Friday. We hope you have a lovely, long Bank Holiday weekend.