Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 Hawthorn wb 8th May

After a right royal weekend of celebrations, the children have settled back into all our usual routines.
Our English topic culminated in the children writing their own poems based on 'Tell me a Dragon' and they made a really good job of it. Here are some excerpts of their ideas;
Wrapped around the moon, my dragon flicks it's shining tail at asteroids to stop them crashing into Earth. My dragon is a rainbow flying dragon.  When she laughs, glitter rides on her breath.
On Friday, they wrote their poems out in best handwriting on some special bordered paper and we're very pleased with them all.
In maths, Year 1s have started their work on fractions, focusing on how to recognise and find a half of shapes, objects and amounts. Next, they'll be learning about quarters. Meanwhile, the Year 2s investigated the difference between a unit and a non-unit fraction, then explored the equivalence of a half and two quarters, and found three quarters of items and numbers. 
We finished our computing unit this week by making block diagrams using data gathered in a tally chart. The children were very proud of the charts they made as can be seen in the photos. Next, we're moving on to a series of lessons about programming.
In Science we have been completing our work on Growing and Changing and whether you get faster as you get older.  The children wrote up their investigations looking to see if the Year 2 children really were quicker than the Year 1 children!
Finally, in our PE lessons we have started practising our athletics skills ready for Sports Day later in the year.  What a lot of fun!