Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 Holly Class W/B 15.05.2023

It has been a lovely and sunny week in Holly class! We have finished off our history topic by learning all about how castles have changed throughout history and whether or not they have the same use today. Reception used their imagination to think about what might live inside castles today.

In phonics Reception have been introduced to the new phonemes ‘ow, oi and ear’ and have practiced lots of tricky words. Year 1 have recapped the phonemes ‘au, ear, air, oi and ‘ey’ as well as lots of alien words.

In maths Reception have been finding the most accurate ways to count objects. They have found that spacing the objects out, putting them into a line and even into colour groups makes them much easier to count. When objects cant be moved (when on a picture) we found that it is easier to count when we cross or circle them one at a time, or by grouping them into rows. We have also had lots of practice with our odds and even numbers to 10 and our number bonds to 5. They are making great progress, please keep practicing! The year 1 children have been continuing their work with fractions, moving on to quarters this week. They have found quarters within shapes and within quantities by separating them into 4 equal groups.

In literacy this week, Holly class have been introduced to ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and created a class story map with all of the predictable phrases. We enjoyed shouting ‘little pig… little pig can you let me in? NOT BY THE HAIRS ON MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN!’ The children have acted out the story using props and year 1 have created their own story maps to remember the story.

To finish off our science topic, we created our own little pigs houses. One was made out of ‘straw’ (paper), one out of ‘wood’ (lolly pop sticks) and one out of ‘bricks’ (plastic blocks). Year 1 made a prediction about which they think would survive the force of the ‘big… bad… hairdryer’ and created their own houses. We tested each of them and found the blocks were the strongest! Although, we concluded that stone or brick would work even better.

In art this week we created our own prints in the style of the artist Paul Klee. We used paper, fabric and printing paint to create our designs. These turned out amazing!

A big thank you to Mrs Shiels for taking Holly Class to forest school this week, we had the best time! See you all next week!

Miss Palmer and Miss Hunt