Ashton Under Hill First School

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Holly Class W/B 18th September 2023

The 3rd week of term is complete!

Holly have had such an exciting week as we have been exploring our topic of space. On Tuesday we came in from break time to find the classroom a complete mess! We had to use our detective skills to get to the bottom of what happened! Year 1 predicted who they thought had landed in our classroom and came up with some brilliant ideas such as an ‘alien monster’, a frog and a dinosaur! Reception drew a picture of the scene and worked together to investigate the clues. We found suspicious footprints, space books and broken pieces all over the floor… what could it be? BEEGU!

In phonics this week, year 1 have recapped the phonemes oo, ar and or, as well as some more tricky words. Reception have learnt the phonemes s, a, t and p, learning how to say these sounds correctly, and write them on whiteboards. They even learnt a different action for each to help them remember.

In English this week the children have been introduced to the story of ‘Beegu’ through our Holly alien crash! Beegu is a friendly alien, but she is very shy and scared to be so far away from home! Year 1 have made inferences about how Beegu might feel using evidence from the text and labelled a picture of Beegu’s home with different noun phrases. Reception have worked hard to create Beegu a new space ship to send her back home!

In maths this week, Year 1 have ordered and counted numbers to and from 10 and used this to blast their rockets off to space! They have also recognised ‘one less’ and practiced their 1 to 1 correspondence when counting. Reception have recognised numbers 1-3 and different arrangements of dots to 3, as well as some number games.

To start our topic of ‘Intrepid Explorers’, the children have been introduced to Neil Armstrong. We discussed what it means to be famous and why they think Neil Armstrong might be important today, as well as watching a video of the moon landing. Year 1 discussed what an astronaut would need to take to take to space and Reception used this to add to the Holly space ship!

Finally, on Friday everyone celebrated the harvest festival by performing in front of the school. Holly Class did a brilliant job performing 'The Enormous Turnip' and we hope you all enjoyed it!  We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Palmer and Miss Hunt