Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 Holly Class W/B 24th April 2023

It has been a very adventurous week in Holly Class! This week our book was ‘George and the Dragon’ and we have absolutely loved it. We have enjoyed creating our very own dragons on the playground and thinking of lots of different words we could use to describe George, such as ‘ferocious, scary and terrifying!’ Holly Class have also identified the features of castles that are consistently similar, such as a moat, drawbridge and turrets and they have used what they have learnt to add features to our classroom castle and make a large castle with the blocks outside.

In phonics this week, reception have recapped the phonemes ‘u, r, b and f’ and lots of tricky words. Year 1 have recapped the phonemes ‘oa, ow, air and ure’. We noticed that ‘ow’ can have two different sounds depending on the word.

In literacy this week, reception have been writing short sentences that include a describing word such ‘the dragon is scary’ and ‘Goldilocks is clever’. Year 1 have been focusing on describing words and creating noun phrases to describe Goldilocks. They have also been learning all about the coordinating conjunctions ‘and, but, because and when’ and how to use these within sentences. Holly Class have also worked together to create a story map with actions that will help us to remember the story of Goldilocks.

In maths this week, reception have practiced their number bonds to 10 using numicon, played board games to aid number recognition and been taught all about doubles and how we can identify them. We now know how to show doubles on our hands and have started to separate whole numbers into ‘parts’ that are doubles. We have used the stem sentence ‘___ is made of ___ and ___; ___ and ___ make ___’ to help us. Year 1 have also been making doubles, as well as creating equal groups by sharing and grouping. This is introducing them to the concept of multiplication and division.

Science was lots of fun this week. We played a game of spot the material and Year 1 made predictions about which materials would be the most efficient for making a bridge and why. They then tested out their predictions by building bridges for the animals to cross the water. We found that the paper and paper towels didn’t work very well but the lego and the wooden blocks worked much better.

Finally, we had some very exciting visitors this week. A member from the cricket club came into school to help us improve our cricket skills and play lots of fun games including throwing, catching and batting!

See you all next week!

Miss Palmer and Miss Hunt.