Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Holly Class w/b 13th February 2023

This week the Holly class aeroplane brought us to Russia. We have been exploring the story of the princess and the pea. We have decided that Russia is still not the right place for Pog! We finally discovered that Pog belongs in Antarctica and have finally sent him home! In our Year 1 Geography lessons we have been looking at where Russia is on a world map. We have also been looking at Planned Perspectives. 

In Phonics this week Reception children have learnt the new sounds 'sh, th and ng'. We have also spent some time practicing reading and writing of words containing the sounds that we already know alongside practicing tricky words. Year 1 have been focusing on alternate phonemes for the sounds 'j, l and m' as well as recapping the sounds that we already know and applying them to our writing. 

In our literacy lessons we have been continuing to explore instructions. We have written instructions on how to board a bus! We went on our own bus journey, borrowing the Acorn bus to support us with our writing. In Year 1 we remembered to use our imperative verbs to ensure that our instructions were precise!  

In maths this week, Reception have been subitising numbers to 6 using dice faces. Year 1 have been looking at counting back as a method of subtraction. They have also been exploring number facts. 

In RE this week, Reception have been focusing on actions that help to look after our world and actions that mess up our world. We watched some videos about littering, recycling, planting and deforestation. Some children in Reception were able to write sentences about what we had discovered!

This week was Safer Internet week, we watched a video about Jessie and her dog to support us in deciding who could help us if we came across something that made us feel sad online. We drew pictures of people who can help us and discussed why we had chosen them. We also enjoyed a Chi Chi dance session on Monday afternoon which was lots of fun!

We have had a very busy week in Holly class, we hope that you have a lovely half term!