Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 Holly Class w/b 8th May

This week in Holly is Class we have been embracing the royal props that were left behind from our coronation in the previous week. The children have enjoyed dressing up as Kings, Queens, Princesses, Knights and other members of the royal household. We have all enjoyed taking turns on the throne and using the Orb and Sceptre. This has tied in nicely with our new book – The Castle the King Built. We have been using this nonfiction book to explore the different rooms of the castle and the jobs that people carried out within them. In History, Year 1 have been using the book and other sources to research a castle room of their choice and creating a detailed, labelled drawing of it.

In maths this week reception have been focusing on odd and even numbers. Including, how we know if a number is odd or even and what else we can tell about a number if we know that they are odd or even. Year 1 have been introduced to fractions. First, we have explored what an equal group is and how we share into equal groups. Towards the end of the week we have moved onto finding halves and quarters of numbers, which has been tricky but the children have shown excellent perseverance!

In Literacy this week we have finished our learning around ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The year 1 children have slightly adapted the traditional tale and independently rewritten their new version of the story. Their work was fantastic and they all worked so hard to ensure their use of noun phrases, co-coordinating conjunctions and question marks. The reception children have also been super writers! They have spent the week rewriting the traditional tale. This is one of the most extended pieces of writing that they have done so far and they all showed excellent resilience and care.

In phonics this week reception have focused on the sounds ‘ai, ee, igh, oa’ as well as ensuring that we are practicing our blending when reading words. Year 1 have been recapping sounds that they already know with a real push to practice reading our alien words with digraphs in.

In science the children have been exploring different materials through touch. The children were then asked to describe what they could feel. For year 1 this included using scientific language to describe the material’s properties.

Finally, on Coronation Day last Friday we had a very special visitor in Holly class. Mrs Holdsworth paid us a visit with her baby! It was so lovely to see them both. Mrs Holdsworth was very excited to see all of the children and they were all very excited to tell her what they had been up to. It was a lovely surprise and we look forward to seeing them again soon!

Miss Palmer and Miss Hunt