Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 Oak Week Beginning 13th February 2023

On Monday this week, all pupils took part in a Chi Chi fit session where they were dancing to songs from musicals. They had great fun and came out of the lesson singing the words to the songs and looking very rosy. This is another example of how we are promoting both the children physical and mental health.

As it's the end of the half term, we have come to the end of another topic. This week we looked at the innovations created in Ancient Islamic times and how they impact on our lives today, particularly in medicine. We learnt that doctors at the time were pioneers in lots of areas of medical innovation for example in surgery techniques, disease prevention and pediatrics'. The children looked at different approaches to healing ailments such as fever and headaches and in medieval Britain and Ancient Islam; I can confidently say they much prefer the modern techniques!!

On Thursday all the school showcased their hard work from dance lessons during our dance festival. Oak Class did a brilliant job being secret agents using freeze frames and different formations to the theme music from the James Bond films. They created a super explosion formation. Check out the separate blog page for the photos here.

In science we carried out an experiment to find out which materials conducted and insulated electricity. We added a range of materials we found in and around the classroom to a simple circuit to see if the bulb remained lit once the object was added. We discovered that all metal conducted electricity and that non-metal objects did not. We used this information to conclude why electrical appliances are covered in plastic to prevent us getting electrocuted.

We finished off our Islamic art study by using the tile we made to do some printing. The children had created geometric patterns on a tile and printed them using warm and cool colours to try to recreate the wonderful patterns we have observed being used in Islamic art. 

We have also spent time on Internet Safety this week, reminding ourselves of the rules to stay safe online