Ashton Under Hill First School

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Willow wb 06.03.23

Willow class have been exploring the three main climate zones around the world this week. We identified the typical weathers in Polar, Temperate and Tropical climate zones before making a decision about which we would prefer to live in and why. All three of the climate zones were represented within the class and each had some strong reasons for their choice. We made sure to consider temperature, typical weathers, nature, lifestyle and activities within each of these. We then went on to locate some of these climate zones on a world map. We discussed how the tropical climate zones are just north and south of the equator and that we live in a temperate climate zone.

World Maths Day was held on Wednesday and the children used Mathletics to compete against both children in their own class and from around the world with their mental maths skills. Willow class were really keen to work their way up the leader board and we identified some of the countries who we played against. It was lovely to hear that many of the class also competed at home too.

In English lessons the children have been producing a persuasive leaflet for the Cyber kick shoes. We identified the pros and cons of the design and talked about how we could be persuasive enough for the trainers to become a trend. We applied our knowledge of persuasive techniques in our writing and our finished leaflets looked great.

In Maths, the Year 3 children have been working on capacity and they have shown great improvement in reading scales this week. We have focused on equivalent capacities which encouraged us to convert between ml and litres. Meanwhile, the Year 4 children have been working on dividing by 10 and looking at the value of tenths. We used both place value counters and place value charts to support our calculations.

We had a fantastic science lesson this week. We used different components to build a simple series circuit and then investigated the effect of adding further batteries to our circuits. It was great to see everyone really engaged with this and we had some great discussions and problem solving. In music, we learnt a new warm-up song before continuing to work on performing 'Lean On Me.’

Our week ended with a Woodland walk with Oak class as part of our Topic. We looked at the key features of a woodland biome and will be using our observations to support our learning next week.