Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow wb 13.03.23

Willow class have been exploring a new book called ‘A book of bones’ which is based on ten record breaking animals and what makes them so unique. We gathered facts on the African Bush Elephant before using these to structure our own report on these fascinating creatures. We were surprised to find out how much they eat each day and how they compare with other animals in the wild. We considered how to present our facts to make them engaging for the reader as well as looking at how we could extend our sentences with conjunctions.

In Maths, our Year 3 children have been learning to use the grid method for multiplication and then used their understanding to support the column method. We started with place value counters in the grids and then went on to record the values. Year 4 have been looking at the value of hundredths and how they compare to tenths and ones. They have also been learning to divide by 100.

Climate change has been our theme in Topic lessons this week and we have explored how this is effecting the three main climate zones. We considered solutions to these problems and created our own cartoons to represent one of the key issues linked with climate change. We had a good discussion as to why these issues are so important and what small steps we can make as individuals. 

In Art we have been printing in tessellating patterns. The children cut out shapes which they then alternated between to create an effective tessellating pattern. They had to be precise with their cutting to make sure that the patterns were clear and were attention grabbing.

This week in Science, we continued with our work on electricity, looking at complete and incomplete circuits. We made predictions about which circuits would work and which would not before testing them out using cells, wires and bulbs. We also began talking about conductors, with some of us setting up circuits to prove that the graphite in a pencil can conduct electricity. We'll be looking further at conductors and insulators next week.

In Music, we created a class composition based on Lean On Me. We talked about pitch and also looked at how we could note down our piece using staff notation. In French this week, we've been learning about how to talk about the weather.

Willow wb 13th March 2023