Ashton Under Hill First School

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Willow wb 15.05.23

We have had a busy week in Willow class and have been focusing on our new topic 'Raging Rivers'. We used lots of photographs of the different features along a river to identify what makes up the upper course, middle course and lower course. In particular, we discussed the varying height of the land, how the flow of the water changes as it moves through each course and how it shapes the landscape around it. We learnt that rivers begin high up in the source where a series of small streams (tributaries) come together to forge a channel before meandering through the middle course on it's way to the sea which is known as the mouth of the river. We created detailed diagrams to show what we have learnt and used labels to show the important features along the river's journey. We have included photos of these for you to see. 

This week in Science, we've been learning about day and night. We learnt about the earth rotating on its axis and demonstrated this using a globe, a torch and a lego person. We also compared our shadows at different times of the day and had some really good discussions about how it can appear that the sun is moving across the sky. In Music, we looked at disco music and listened to some different disco songs which we all enjoyed. In French this week, we were able to use our menus as we set up our French cafe. We used the vocabulary we've been learning and enjoyed practising ordering and trying some different food and drinks.

In Maths, we took our learning outside to create a giant analogue clock which we labelled with both analogue and digital times to help us develop our skills of telling the time. We then recreated our own versions in small groups and had to work together to create specific times with the hands on the clock before converting them to digital time. This has helped us to make the link between 12 and 24 hour representations of time which we will continue to build on next week. 

In our Writing lessons we have been creating the next chapter for the book 'Journey to the River Sea'. We used a story map and planning sheet to form a sequence for our writing as well as noting down some of the key vocabulary we would like to use. We then used our plans to write the next part of the story where Maia finally enters the undiscovered forest surrounding the Carters' house. We worked hard to build in subordinating conjunctions and some examples of dialogue which we have been learning about through this text. 

We have also continued with our work on digital safety in PSHE lessons and this week, the focus has been on communicating online and how we know who we are actually communicating with. We discussed how online relationships are different to offline relationships and the importance of being aware of strangers. We then looked at some scenarios before giving advice on what these individuals should do. 

Next week we will be continuing to build on our knowledge of Claude Monet's impressionist work and developing our skills with water colour to create reflections.