Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

The Detective Dog

The Detective Dog tells the powerful story of a dog which uses her sense of smell to detect who has stolen some books.  Our sense of smell has therefore become the focus for the week. We have experimented with different flavoured herbal tea bags, smelt different essential oils, identified fruit by their smell and cut up and played with different herbs.  We have even made flowers with different smelling centres.  We have learned that we all have preferences for different smelling things and that that is fine.

Mrs Clayton has made a wonderful feely box, in which she puts a different household item.  This has inspired a rich vocabulary, as children use their hands instead of their eyes to identify it.  We have also been digging and planting the boat flower bed, and we sprinkled some flower seeds that attract bees.  We will be monitoring the patch to see if anything starts to grow.  Each child has also planted a runner bean seed and it will be interesting to see how these develop. 

We are looking forward to the chicks arriving in Holly Class.  We went to look at the eggs in the incubator and hope that we will start to see them hatching next week.  We will keep you updated!

In other news, we have been practising our counting and started work on repeat patterns.  We have also been playing with playdough,  practising writing our names and identifiying a shopping list requirement by listening to the initial sound e.g. can you find me something with b to go into my shopping basket?