Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

23 24 Hawthorn Wb 13 November

It's been another busy - but kindhearted - week in Hawthorn class.
The children thoroughly enjoyed writing their own stories about Little Red in English. We adapted the story so that it was set on a sunny beach and the baddie became the Big Bad Crab!  We were very pleased with the children's writing and fortunately, Little Red was able to rescue her Grandma any they lived happily ever after.
In maths, both year groups practised adding and found out how useful it is to know their number bonds.
We began our new topic with some art. Take a look at the photograph of our new display, to which all of the children contributed. We're absolutely thrilled with it. And thank you to Miss Squires for all her artistic endeavours, too!
We also started a new unit in Computing, in which the children will be creating digital artwork. This week's lesson focused on Piet Mondrian and they had a go at replicating his style using line work and primary colours. Very impressive!
We've also been thinking about kindness and participated in an online workshop on Tuesday morning. It was really exciting as the host read out lots of our comments - particularly for Miss Miller who had the important job of typing them into 'the chat' as quickly as possible. The children went on to create certificates for someone who had shown them kindness and they had some lovely ideas, as always.
On Friday it was Children in Need day, many thanks for all your donations.  The children came in in non-uniform and all looked fabulous.  We played a board game in maths as part of Children in Need and they took turns to see who could answer some tricky addition and subtraction questions.  Well done to all!