Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Holly Class W/B 13th November 2023

This week it was kindness week! The children took part in lot of activities, such as drawing how we can make others happy, making medals for their buddies and choosing people they want to say thank you to. We were happy to see so many of the children being helpful and including each other and we were able to give out lots of kindness stickers!

The children were also introduced to our new transport topic. They looked at lots of pictures of transport from the past. Year 1 sorted these into past and present and Reception made their own vehicles using outdoor equipment!

In phonics, Reception covered the phonemes l, ss, j and v, as well as tricky words! They also practiced blending and writing words with these sounds! Year 1 covered variations of the split digraph ‘u-e’ and ‘aw’, as well as tricky words.

In maths this week, Reception explored how whole objects are made up of individual parts and played a game to identify which objects had what parts. They discovered that the parts of some objects can’t always be physically removed, but they still have parts. Our bodies have lots of parts that make up the whole of us! Year 1 continued to practice addition and subtraction calculations and are becoming increasingly independent with reading questions, well done!

In English this week, Holly Class learnt about describing words. They passed an object around the circle and thought of a word they could use to describe what the object looks or feels like. Reception then selected their own object from the classroom to write about and Year 1 came up with their own noun phrases from a selection of objects. Year 1 also practiced using exclamation marks, full stops and questions marks within sentences.

Take a look at the gallery to see all of the exciting provision the children have been enjoying throughout the week!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  Miss Palmer and Miss Hunt