Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Holly Class W/B 27th November 2023

Another week has passed! This week the children have learnt about George Stephenson; the man who created the first locomotive (train) to run on a railroad! Reception enjoyed lots of train themed activities and year 1 answered some questions about his life.

In phonics this week, Reception have learnt the phonemes, zz, qu, ch and sh. Year 1 have learnt the phonemes er, ou and oy and have practiced writing these within words and sentences.

In maths this week, Reception have learnt all about the word ‘equal’ and have helped teddy to match number cards to an equal number of objects. They have also practiced matching numbers to 5 in different contexts. Year 1 consolidated their addition and subtraction with an end of topic assessment and have started to learn all about 3D shapes!

In English this week, year 1 made changes to our class story map and used this to write their own stories. They did excellent independent writing and tried really hard! Reception have been practicing their lines for the nativity and lots of fine motor activities. Please have a look at the photos to see what we have been getting up to!

This week we have introduced our ‘best listener’ award, where one child (who has been doing excellent listening) will be picked at the end of each day to choose from our prize basket and be given a special certificate to take home!  We have talked lots about how important it is to listen to each other and ways that we can show we are listening so we hope that we will be able to award this to lots of children in Holly Class!

Get ready for lots of Christmas filled fun next week! Have a great weekend!

Miss Palmer and Miss Hunt