Ashton Under Hill First School

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Don't Spill the Milk!

The story of ‘Don’t spill the Milk’ made us think about the journey of milk from a cow to milk bottle.  We pretended to ‘milk’ a cow by squeezing the teats of a rubber glove, we made delicious banana milk shakes and even made butter.  Thank you to Louise from Cotteswold Dairy for providing the milk and showing us how to shake it into butter. We all enjoyed eating a nice piece of bread and freshly made butter!

Thank you also to Mr and Mrs Harvey who have very kindly provided the school with an incubator and some duck eggs to hatch.  Mrs Stephenson visited school to tell Acorn and Holly Class about incubating eggs and to help us put the eggs in.  We will keep you posted on events!

We thought about the story and attempted to cross the playground with a cup full of water, without spilling any.  We were surprisingly good and spilt very little. We also discussed how important milk is in making our bones and teeth strong. We looked at a model of a jaw and cleaned the teeth with a toothbrush. To practise our counting and number recognition we delivered milk bottles to our cuddly toys houses and also did some syllable clapping.