Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

The Bog Baby

The Acorn children have coped extremely well with the disruption of having a new class room built.  We spend half the day inside and half the day outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and natural environment. Work has continued on 30 Days Wild, with our focus being on footprints and bark rubbing (and a daily visit to see what the builders are doing)!

On Monday, we laid out a 'wildlife' tunnel, with bait, to attract visitors and hope that they leave footprints.  Imagine our surprise when we checked the tunnel with the Holly children on Tuesday and found prints, the story and an actual Bog Baby.  This has really sparked our imagination, and next week we will think about building a suitable home for it.

We also enjoyed a visit from Matt Peacey who came to tell us all about his recent field trip to Nepal, where he was doing a scientific study on a previously untouched glacier.  He told us about his experiences, showed us pictures and even bought back some Nepalese goodies.  Thank you Mr Peacey!