Ashton Under Hill First School

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 Martha Maps It Out

The Acorn Class children have returned to school happy, healthy and full of exciting news about their half term holidays.  The children have really enjoyed sharing their pictures in their Learning Journey Books.  They are all full of enthusiasm and have liked our time spent outside doing a daily '30 Days Wild' activity.  This week we have focused on trees - We have counted how many trees we have in school, drawn them on a map and numbered them.  We have used that map to find toy animals that have got lost in the playground, in addition to hugging trees, bark and leaf rubbing.

The book Martha Maps It Out reveals where Martha lives in the universe.  This has made us think about where we live.  We have looked at Google Earth to find where Ashton Under Hill and Evesham are, and where, more precisely, the school is. 

In phonics, we have been making a list of things that we would pack on a visit to the moon, starting with a particular sound. On tuesday, we had sausages, socks, spider and sweets on the list!